1. Secure your windows

Make sure, when you leave the house, all your windows are closed. Everytime check before you go out.  Some smart houses have security sensors for this issue. When you want to have openned your windows, open it on air circulation mode.

2. Use CCTV security cameras

This is the best way to protect your house, because when you lost some the police can identify the burglars. Smart CCTV cameras can be connected to your smart device ( phone, tablet etc.)  and you can watch what are happening at home from anywhere.

Security CCTV


3. Buy an security alarm device

Combination of alarm and CCTV is very strong combination. Alarm detect any motion and make big noise, so your neighbours call police or your alarm call the police too. Best alarms are the silent alarms, because it looks like doesn´t happned, but suddenly, the police is knocking at the door.

4. Make it “looks secured”

You can buy some replic or fake cctv which looks like real one. Amateurs get fear and let your house away. You can also buy some smart light bulbs, which turns on in time when you want.

5. Normal door change beyond security strong one

Strong door is basics. It is very simply to open the cheap or paper doors. When you buy new one, make sure that, the new door had been tested.


Security door

6. Ask for specating by your neighbors

It can be helpful, because when your neighbor seen the burglar he can start shouting and the burglar run avay.

7. Buy an dog

Dog is the best friend of human. Also, it can be helpful when your dog threty the burglar, but even catch him.

security dog

Security dog

8. Lock your gate

Locked gate looks more confidentally. burglars can not specate the terrain.

security lock

security lock

9. Cut your grass and plants

Well look garden is sign of that, here somebody lives.

10.  Leave a car at the garage

Burglars can think that you are at home now.